Kyle Hauptman Sworn In as NCUA Board Member

Kyle Hauptman was sworn in Monday as a member of the National Credit Union Administration board.

Hauptman, a Republican, was sworn in by Chairman Rodney Hood; his term ends on August 2, 2025. Hauptman’s taking office will ensure that Republicans will continue to control the majority on the board even after President-elect Joe Biden takes office, and as expected, appoints Democrat Todd Harper as chairman.

NCUA Announces That Fraud Reports Now May Be Submitted Electronically

The National Credit Union Administration has enhanced its website to allow members of the public to report fraud concerns associated with credit union employees, directors, or volunteers. Individuals may choose to remain anonymous or provide contact information for appropriate agency staff to discuss their concerns. Agency officials said that the new form also allows for a description of the fraud and other critical information to help the NCUA evaluate the reported concerns. The agency said that swift reporting of fraud allegations helps minimize risks, exposure, and losses, and helps agency officials take appropriate action against those involved. The form states

Charges of ‘Midnight Rulemaking’ Made at NCUA as Hood Faces End of Chairmanship

Sources speculate that National Credit Union Administration Chairman Rodney Hood is attempting to push through last minute policies before the new administration removes him from his leadership. In two unusual moves, the December board meeting will be over a two-day period and the January board meeting has been moved forward so that it is done before Biden is sworn into office. The December agenda is packed.

Hood & Harper Clash Sharply Over NCUA 2021 Budget

At the NCUA budget hearing, Todd Harper made it clear that he sharply disagrees with Chairman Rodney Hood’s budget proposal. Their main clash is over whether the agency needs to increase its consumer protection staff, with Harper arguing that more than one new staff position is needed. CUNA, NAFCU and NASCU also delivered comments on the budget at the hearing.