Todd Harper Selected as New NCUA Board Chairman

President Biden appointed Democrat Todd Harper to serve as board chairman of the National Credit Union Administration, replacing Republican Rodney Hood. This puts Harper as chairman over two Republicans. What can credit unions expect from the NCUA now? This article, written by our editor, is posted on the Credit Union Times website. Clicking on the link will take you to the article. There is a free, one-time registration required to visit the Credit Union Times website. Todd Harper Selected as New NCUA Board Chairman Why am I being redirected to the Credit Union Times website? This will explain: Message from

Biden Orders Regulatory Review, Casting Doubt on NCUA Proposals

President Biden has issued a temporary moratorium on regulations until they can be reviewed by people in his administration. His Executive Order, signed the day of his inauguration, says that, with a few exceptions, until rules are approved by someone designated by him, agencies should not send rules to the Federal Register for publication. Rules that have been published but have not become effective should be delayed for 60 days.