CUNA Makes Independent Expenditures for an Additional Three House Incumbents

CUNA announced Thursday that it will be sending out direct mail and creating digital advertising on behalf of the reelection efforts of three House members—two Democrats and one Republican.

CUNA already said it is making independent expenditures on behalf of four other House members, as well as four senators.

In Maine’s 2nd congressional district, CUNA is running digital advertising and sending direct mail on behalf of freshman Democratic Rep. Jared Golden. Two years ago, Golden defeated then-incumbent Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin. This year, he faces Republican Dale Crafts.

In Ohio’s 1st congressional district, CUNA is making independent expenditures for incumbent Republican Steve Chabot, who is the ranking Republican on the House Small Business Committee. Chabot was first elected in 1994, lost his seat in 2008 and then regained it in 2010. Chabot faces Democrat Kate Schroder in a race that is considered to be extremely close.

CUNA also is spending independently on behalf of freshman Democratic Rep. Susie Lee in Nevada’s 3rd congressional district. Lee ran for Congress two years ago, when Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen ran for the Senate. Republican Daniel Rodimer is Lee’s Republican opponent this year

Independent expenditures allow political action committees to spend funds on behalf of a candidate, as long as the spending is done apart from a candidate’s official election effort.

Such advertising will state that it is being paid for by CUNA. The campaign assistance is in addition to CUNA’s direct campaign contributions to candidates. CUNA officials estimated that the trade group’s Political Action Committee will spend $7 million on this year’s House and Senate races. NAFCU operates a much smaller political committee.

“We are adamant about supporting candidates who recognize and support the credit union difference for consumers across the country,” said Trey Hawkins, CUNA deputy chief advocacy officer for political action. “With no preference for one party or the other, we remain focused on helping those who help credit unions and their 120 million members.”

“Forty-four percent of registered voters belong to a credit union, and by reminding these consumers just how important it is that they not only vote, but that their vote has a direct impact on their credit union, we want to make sure that credit union members make their voice heard,” Hawkins continued, in explaining CUNA’s reasons for supporting the House candidates.


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