Harper’s Term Has Expired. Now What?

It may seem as if Todd Harper just joined the National Credit Union Administration board, but actually his term expired last month.

Harper, who now may be removed at any time by President Biden, said through a spokesperson that he intends to stay in his position as long as the president wants him to serve. So far Biden has given no indication that he wants to remove Harper, sources familiar with board operations said.

Harper, a Democrat, was nominated by President Trump in 2019 to finish the term of Debbie Matz, who left the board in 2016. Only two members of the president’s political party may serve as board members.

The term of an NCUA board member is six years, but since Harper was nominated to complete Matz’s term, his term ended in April. He may continue to serve until he is replaced.

He cannot be nominated again for his seat on the board, according to three sources familiar with NCUA operations. One source said that attorneys have said in the past that the NCUA is the only financial regulator that does not allow for reappointment.

The sources added, however, that in the future Harper could be nominated when another seat comes open. Republican Rodney Hood’s term lasts until 2023; he previously served on the board from 2005 to 2010. Republican Kyle Hauptman’s term end in 2025.

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