Study: Employees like NCUA; CFPB Not So Much

The National Credit Union Administration is an above-average place to work, but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ranks far lower, according to the annual “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” survey conducted by the Partnership for Public Service.

The partnership reported that the government-wide employee satisfaction score stood at 69.0 out of 100. The score is based on a survey of employees at 482 federal agencies; 624,800 employees responded to the survey, which was conducted by the Office of Personnel Management. The think tank warned that the 2020 score should not be compared with scores from previous years because the study’s methodology has changed.

The NCUA received a score of 79.4 in 2020. Of all agencies in the mid-size range, the NCUA ranked 9th out of 25 agencies. Mid-size agencies were those with 1,000 to 14,999 employees.

The partnership also awarded “effective leadership” scores to federal agencies, based on a series of questions. The NCUA received a score of 71.2 in that category, placing it 9th among 23 mid-size agencies.

“The Effective Leadership category measures the extent to which employees believe leadership at all levels of the organization generates motivation and commitment, encourages integrity and manages people fairly, while also promoting the professional development, creativity and empowerment of employees,” the partnership said.

The CFPB received much lower scores, receiving an overall score of 63.5, placing it 22nd among 25 midsize agencies. The agency received an effective leadership score of 58.7, placing it 19th among the 23 agencies in that category.

The CFPB has been in turmoil for several years. Under former President Obama, the agency adopted a strict regulatory regime, but when former President Trump took office, the CFPB adopted a much more business-friendly stance. It is not clear how many employees surveyed may have been holdovers from the Obama Administration and thus may have been unhappy with that posture.

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