Taxpayers Union to Hold Webinar to Attack Credit Unions

The National Taxpayers Union, a well-known organization that calls itself the “Voice of America’s Taxpayers,” will hold a webinar Wednesday that will question whether credit unions should remain tax exempt.

The webinar, “The Rise of Bank-like Credit Unions: How Did We Get Here? Should Anything Be Done?” will feature two panels. The first will include a panel of tax experts that will explore the “unique tax treatment of credit unions.”  The second panel will explore the regulatory structure that governs credit unions, why credit unions are purchasing community banks and structural issues with the National Credit Union Administration.

In announcing the webinar, the NTU said that outside stakeholders and think tanks have identified an “emerging trend” in which “some of the largest credit unions have operated as though they had a bank charter.”

The webinar announcement states that NTU and experts will “discuss some of the unique challenges and opportunities facing both credit unions and community banks.”

However, the announcement does not list anyone from the credit union community who will talk about those challenges and opportunities.

NTU did not respond to a request for comment about why they did not include a credit union official on the agenda.

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